πŸŒ‰πŸŒ‰πŸŒ‰ Building bridges It is my opinion that communication through peaceful honest conversation can change the world. I think we have become so polarized from too much information and also too much information. This has led to a world divided into camps or teams. This in turn has caused a situation where we can't have calm conversations about big issues. I'd like to see us go back to this so that we can support each other when need be.  One of the big issues right now is the issues of prolife vs prochoice. Sadly influencers of every sort for social media to politicians target populations beginning at very young ages so that by the time someone is faced with a crisis, they have most likely been influenced in the direction to benefit an industry or a political party.  The other day I had the opportunity to hear the story of a mom in criss. She told me of her experience with work at the abortion facility. The mom planned to have an abortion. She felt there wasn't another opt
  Grandmother love πŸ‘΅πŸ‘©πŸ‘ΆπŸ™ Months ago I was in a situation where I saw what looked like a mother and  daughter walking across the parking lot to enter Planned Parenthood. I offered a flower to get their attention. They took the flower but went on to enter Planned Parenthood. A few minutes later the older of the two women came out. I called out to her and asked her what was going on? She shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know. I called her over and said “do you really not know, or do you actually know that she is having an abortion”. She said she thought her daughter was going to have an abortion. I asked her if she supported this abortion and she said that she did not want her to have it but didn't know what to do. I told her to go back in and get her daughter. She said she didn't know what to say. I said “pray for God's words on your way in and use them”.  A little bit later she came out with her daughter saying God was amazing. Her daughter actually left Pla
  And now there are three πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά I met Ariana last year. She was visibly pregnant. We talked for 15 minutes before she turned to me and said “thank you for what you are doing but I cant go through with this pregnancy:. She walked into Planned PArenthood and I walked back to the outreach building. I will admit I cried. It was so heartbreaking to watch this young mom who didnt want to have an abortion, give up and enter the abortion facility.  I sat and thought about what to do. I was defeated. I felt like I missed something tht might have helped her choose life. While I sat I realized that if I wasnt out on the sidewalk there might be others who needed the words I might have to help them choose life, so I went back out. A few hours later Arian came out and exclaimed “hey girl, I'm having twins so let's go talk about how to do this”. Last week Ariana gave birth to twin girls. They were born early so they are in the NICU but they are thriving. Arian is home now and will be traveling
  Pink Elephant Update   🐘🐘 We had a mom who wanted to choose life but was uncertain as to how she was going to handle everything. I talked for hours with her and her partner. She told me that she'd been looking for “signs” that she should choose to have a baby. She was questioning her belief in God. Interestingly she got all of her signs including seeing a pink elephant. She also ended up choosing life and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in early December.  Our own Sarah has had the privilege of baby sitting. This is a great thing for both ladies. It was a perfect opportunity to really follow through on all of the things that we talk about as far as supporting the mom.s Teanna is working really hard at making a good family structure for the three of them. She stopped by last week to pick up a few items that hadn't come in at the time of the shower so we got to visit and she got to revisit her progress from standing on the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood to being
❤❤  Easy Access Death  All is well doesn't always end well. This was a vividly demonstrated truth last week when we had a mom choose life after speaking with several of us for days straight, wanting originally to choose life but ultimately chose to take the abortion pill to abort her child. A horribly hard situation for all of us. Four of us poured our hearts out, offered every resource we could think of and expressed our compassion and support only to have her tell us that she thought it was best to abort her baby. Early in the days she told us she couldn't imagine life without her baby and in fact pictured herself in an SUV with all of her kids and she and her partner couldn't imagine giving the baby away so adoption was off the table. This gave us hope that she was turning the corner completely. We asked her to throw the satanic pill out. We believed that if it was harder to access an abortion there would be more time to gain this mother`s trust.  In the end we lost the
  ⚘Full Bloom⚘ She walked into the outreach building very unsure of what to do. She was a mom in crisis that I met outside of Planned parenthood. She has other children and her partner is in jail. She said he would not want her to abort their baby but she feels desperate. She is caring for her children the best that she can and she feels like she can not handle another mouth to feed. Fortunately we were preparing for a baby shower for a mom who`d also been in a crisis situation. This mom just happened to be in the building early for the shower and was happy to provide some encouraging words for this other mom. In fact there were several people helping with the shower who were also happy to share their loving words of encouragement. This struggling mom was able to see she was not alone and she was able to see our organization in action. Her story is not uncommon unfortunately. She does not  want to abort her baby but does not know where to turn for help. We were able to show our support
 πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά Two made the difference  I met her outside of Planned Parenthood.  She was visibly pregnant. We talked for a while for  about 15 minutes. She didn’t want to have an abortion, but she felt like that was the only thing she could do. We talked about the fact that she was late for her appointment. We talked about how she walked straight up to me without much coaxing. We talked about how that had something to do with her faith and her listening to God. We talked about so many things.  I thought she was changing her mind.  Then she said thank you for trying to help and she turned to walk towards the doors of Planned Parenthood. I didn’t think I would see her again. Abortions done when someone is as pregnant as she was take hours of time. The day went on with several other discouraging situations where the guy wanted to keep the baby, but that the girl didn’t.  I’ll admit at a certain point I went into the building and I cried a little. I wondered what I was missing. Was  there somethin